Dominique Wavre was born in Geneva on July 4th in 1955. He is the most accomplished Switzerland ocean navigator with an admired and brilliant career. He competed in the seven around the world races and his passion was single-handed races.

His first around the world race was in 1981 on the Disque d’Or 3 boat, with Pierre Felhman. In 2000 Vendee Globe edition, Dominique finished 5th overall and became a first Swiss navigator to sail around the world single-handed. In 2005 he finished Vendee Globe in the 4th place, then he sailed in the Route du Rhum, and in 2006 he made great achievement by winning 3rd place in the Barcelona World Race along with Michele Paret. His third Vendee Globe was unsuccessful because of the damages on the boat but he managed to finish his fourth race on the 7th place on the new yacht Mirabaud.

Dominique was the heavyweight in the around the world races, and he did solo racing, double-handed, and fully crewed racing. There were only a few races that he didn’t participate in, and after many years of active sailing, there are more than 360,000 nautical miles behind him. His career and legacy are to be admired for years.